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Calling Liz to the Carpet

11 Jan

Statuesque beauty, Amelia over Dallas' lap

Isn’t it a coups for a man to take a taller woman over his lap and reduce the wriggling giant to apologetic tears? Isn’t there something frighteningly sexy about a petite woman dominating another who, under other circumstances, could squash her under her proud, high-heeled boots?
Renowned author of erotica with her own, inspiring blog Sexuelle, Elizabeth Forster, deemed Amelia Jane Rutherford (that stunning woman of 6’1″) “too big to spank” by anyone less than 6’8″.

The photo that Liz found aesthetically displeasing.

I’ve made reference before to my height — just 2″ shy of Amelia’s. Being a tall submissive is hard, with feelings of self-consciousness and the fear that others share Liz’s sentiments that one must be smaller than her spanker.
Given how few men reach the staggering measurements that Liz suggests, girls like Amelia and I would find our lily orbs decidedly neglected if we were to follow Liz’s rule of aesthetics. And the world would be poorer for it.

Amelia Jane Rutherford's amazing bottom receives a strapping.

Because of the deficit of tall spankers, I would hope that when I place my long frame over a shorter man’s knees, he wouldn’t focus on how far my legs and arms hung down, but rather on the joy of having a nice, round bottom to spank. Knowing that I’d be a match in any physical struggle but, instead, choosing to be under his hand, he’d feel secure in his skills as a respectable dominant — size notwithstanding.
I assert that it is not the bulk of the Top that has a tall woman like me submitting, but the strength of his or her will.

Tall woman in the corner, Amelia Jane

What say you, Liz? Shall we test your toppiness with a woman who, by choice, lays her long legs across your lap? Are you, the self-proclaimed “lover of petite things”, top enough to subdue another by the strength of your will alone?
I triple-dog dare you to try.
Please note, I am and will continue to be a big fan of Sexuelle. If you have not yet had the pleasure of peeking into Liz’s delicious thoughts, please do so. You won’t be disappointed.
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