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A Woman Led

26 Mar

By Simon Bolz

For this, I offer no apologies. There is nothing dirty about what I will confess: my whispers in the night, as I trace circles on your chest, should never be mistaken for shame.
I feel no guilt in wanting you. Loving you from my knees seems the natural place: you gripping my hips as the mattress hugs my face, taking more than I thought able to give.

There will be no apologies for needing this. I will not deny my want, cloak myself in coy: unless it is a game of the hard-to-get girl meets boy, you prefer me blunt.
I am most myself when I let you in. When I am over your lap or poised on the bed, I am a woman spanked, a woman adored, a woman led, and in those things, I am me.
To D, on our Anniversary.

Just Getting Started

23 Mar

“I want to be your brat, your woman, your friend. I want to tell you everything, whispering my confessions as I lie across your lap. I want stress relief; I want to relieve your stress. I want butterflies, anxiety and comfort all wrapped in a passionate package and tied with a belt.
“Until then, I’m barely pink. You know what to do.”

That was how I began.

One year. One candle.

One year ago today, with encouragement from friends, I created The Pink Report. I didn’t know a thing about blogging, HTML code, or reciprocal links. I just wanted to write.
I started blogging for myself without much concern for who was reading. As the views grew, thanks to leaders such as Chross, Bottom Smarts, and The Spanking Spot, my whispered confessions finally found voice over your laps.
Yes, I have written. Three hundred and twenty-five posts later, I can say: goal accomplished. From my first meager offering to my first Chrossed post, I’ve shared more secrets than I knew I had.
You’ve been with me since the beginning of my relationship with D. This blog has seen our first date, first kiss, first spanking. He’s been my inspiration and you have been our witness.
You’ve seen me with writer’s block. You’ve seen me in my pajamas. You’ve seen me cry. You’ve seen me orgasm.
You’ve seen my butt.

Not my butt.

My first switching, restraining, safe-wording, caning all happened here.
You’ve watched me grow, pushed me toward growth. From five daily visitors to 2,800 in February, from the voice of a newbie to someone who has some answers, this blog has become bigger and wiser with your help. A thank you hardly suffices.
So here it is: give me one celebratory whack. Make it a running, leaping, spank-from-the-shoulder kind of smack, one that counts. This spank is for you.
Because we’re just getting started.
Because I’m barely pink and you know what to do.

Happy Anniversary to me

18 May
Today marks the one-year anniversary of my divorce. I won’t go into the hopes of my marriage, or the details of its downfall, but I was happy the day it was finally over. Relieved and free, I began to make my way back to what was important in my life.

And now, 365 days later, I emerge unlike anyone I was before, but more like the person I always was. It’s been a treasure hunt of an experience: full of fool’s gold and false leads, the occasional pot at the end of the rainbow, some pirates and vagabonds, and many people with amazing capacities to live and love.

I have grown my circle of friends to include people near and far, most I’ve never met. These people are, at times, the very first to hear of my successes and frustrations. This fact doesn’t speak to the absence of close, “real-time” friends, but rather the extraordinary power of our kink and of our ability to make meaningful connections online.

A few weeks after my independence day, I joined my first spanking personals site and began “asking for it” online. That site was Spankfinder. I owe a lot of my learning to those I encountered there. Although there were times of great pain (of the non-physical sort), those instances are marked with positivity. I’m happy I traveled those paths, made those mistakes and connections and learned from them. I’m appreciative of every single person I’ve encountered, regardless of result.

There have been far more great experiences than bad ones. My online friends have formed a sort of safety net of encouragement around me, my own private cheer squad.

This is truly a journey for me. And while I sometimes wish I made less missteps and more headway, I’m surely getting there. Wherever “there” is, I feel my arrival with a confidence and an optimism that a year-and-a-day ago would have seemed a pipe dream.

Thank you to everyone who has said “hello”, “good-bye”, and “ttys”. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog; whether it’s for 2 seconds or an hour, I’m happy you came. You all are the details in the fabric of this tale I weave.

Now: off to celebrate with one of those amazing people I met. Nothing says “closure” like bar-hopping and spanking in the back seat. I am, after all, a spanko.

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