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Eenie, meeny, miny, moe…is my coworker a spanko?

25 Jul

“Hey, brat.”
It was the coworker who said this — the coworker who I pegged as a Dominant based solely on a few exchanged pleasantries.
Being called a brat in a professional setting, when I had done nothing (had I?) to warrant such a label, was…curious. What made him call me a brat? Why that word? Does he know about me?
Or is “brat” like a schoolgirl uniform, a red herring, in that even vanillas can employ the use of it on an adult woman?
I’m sure I blushed. Almost positive. I know that I responded with a cheeky, “Good afternoon, Sir,” to which he was quite pleased. Definitely pleased.
Because my spankdar is notoriously off — tending to believe that any attractive male with nice hands is “one of us” — I pose this question to you:
Given that I have never displayed an outwardly bratty behavior in the workplace, is he a member of the club?

Poll: The Faceless Spank?

9 Apr

She bites her lip. Her face crumples as she loses the fight against tears. Her big, brown eyes implore the camera for assistance as her spanker continues. You like watching her face change from serene to distressed, her cheeks flushing and the sheen of perspiration sprouting on her forehead.
Yes, you like faces in your amateur spanking videos.
It could be anybody over that strong lap. The noises she makes sound familiar — you’ve heard them before escaping from your own lips, or from those of the one you spank. She writhes and bucks and you can imagine a similar dance, almost feel the sting of hand against bottom. She could be anybody; he could be anybody. You might even know them.
Yes, you prefer anonymity in your amateur spanking videos.

An interesting difference of opinion was raised after this post ran. One commenter, Gary, suggested I poll the audience to see if there was a correlation in what spankers vs. spankees prefer.
Which visual do you enjoy more: a spanking with the players clearly identified, or the faceless, anonymous spank like that video depicts?


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