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Confessions: Part one

23 Nov

I have some pretty far-out fantasies.  Here is one I’ve dug out from “the closet”:
I used to dream of having my own little person in my bedroom closet who I could spank at whim.  Specifically, she was a very short, middle-aged woman who resembled Carol Brady.

It was a vivid and strange, youthful fantasy that I don’t think was shared by my circle of friends who all had heart throbs from Tiger Beat magazine populating their bedroom walls.

My fantasy included maid service.  She would tidy up my room and even vacuum under the rug. Clearly the better choice for the job would have been Alice.  But Alice probably needed less spankings to maintain her focus.

And that was the whole point of having the strange little person in my closet:  To spank her.  At whim.

Stay tuned for more confessions from Pink’s closet.

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