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The Rest of the Story

22 Jul
How excited was I to see this Dutch video linked on Chross’ Spankings of the Week?

I was excited because it appears to be the beginning of one of my favorite videos, a video that unfortunately doesn’t contain much spanking. But it’s hot, and completely NSFW.
And now…for the rest of the story:

Yes, very different music. Which one do you prefer?
Enjoy your weekend!

Keira Knightley has a Spanking Problem…

21 Jun
…And psychoanalyst Carl Jung (played by Michael Fassbender) helps her lick it in the upcoming movie, A Dangerous Method.
Count me among the crowd when this Cronenberg flick hits the theatres.
Preview has a short spanking scene and a few spanking references (and Viggo Mortensen…yum).

A Public Whomping

26 Apr
Here’s a small reference from Petticoat Junction that I found on my routine perving. There’s something about Uncle Joe’s (Edgar Buchanan) easy threat to turn Betty Jo over his knee and use his hairbrush on her. I suspect that hairbrush has seen frequent use.
Equally charming is Kate Bradley’s (Bea Benaderet) reply.


“Well, you go fetch your hairbrush and I’ll meet you in the basement. I never did like getting whomped in public.”
Bonus points for using the word “whomped”. Expect this blogger to utilize it once or twice in future posts.

Did She?

30 Mar

Introducing: my favorite video at the moment, from this guy.

So tell me…did she, or didn’t she?

The Complex Science of Booty Clapping

20 Dec

I love books. I love butts. And a book about butts? Too good to be true, you say?
Not so. “The Big Butt Book” is a travelogue through the globes. Under the covers of this tabletop pleasure lies a landscape described in all the bootiful detail.
Hear what the author, Dian Hanson, has to say in this video. There’s even an interview with Eve Howard. And learn about the “complex science of booty clapping” — hint, it’s not what you think it is.

Read more about Dian Hanson’s “The Big Butt Book” here and is available for purchase here.


I. Heart. Bondage.

6 Dec

When I wrote the post about D ripping my clothes off of me, I had some inspiration.
I want to share that inspiration with you, but must first give you warning. At The Pink Report, I try to leave as much to the imagination as possible. I pick photos designed to tempt and arouse the mind, and leave the rest to you. You usually won’t find the “money shots” here; I don’t typically enjoy the ins-and-outs of the more traditional porn. And although D and I dabble in the rougher stuff (I like it), I don’t love watching it.
However, months ago he sent me this video and I keep circling back to its hiding spot on my desktop. The full length version, from Sex and Submission, is nearly 40 minutes and quickly escalates to hardcore where this clip leaves us. If you like it, head over to their site and explore the offerings.
It is hot. It is graphic. You’ve been warned.

I’m not a fan of elaborate jerry-rigging or rope burn, but simple bondage by the man I trust, to have no choice but to follow his lead, is an incredible turn on for me.
And…ahem…did you see the way he ripped her dress and then used it to gag her? I might even break my no gag rule for that display of creativity.
I’m a simple girl, D: tie me up, flog me, rip my dress and buy me a sausage dinner. That’s what I call a date.

The story of La Fessée

30 Nov

I’m not sure if it’s the xenophile in me, or perhaps the idea of a spanker-for-hire that resonates so deeply, but my fondness for “La Fessée” is as strong as ever.
From a person much more knowledgeable than myself, here is a little about the 1976 film, illustrated with videos from my private collection:

Respectable Monsieur Léon, nicely portrayed by Antoine Fontaine, is an unassuming bank teller by day, lover for hire with a specialist sideline in spanking by night! It all started when, as a young man, he caught his supposedly pure girlfriend Elisabeth (lovely Corinne Lemoine) giving head to gardener Richard “Allan” Lemieuvre. Chasing the other man away, he then punished his lusty lady love by soundly smacking her beautiful bottom as a prelude to their heated lovemaking.

Thus discovering a passion for spanking as an expression of love and affection rather than punishment, he has since turned this revelation into a lucrative cottage industry. First to hire his services is his boss at the bank, Fred (played by aging Jacques Marbeuf, an inconspicuous bit part player turned improbable but very successful porno stud), who has trouble satisfying his wife Germaine (the incomparable Emmanuelle Parèze) even though he has amassed a considerable collection of sex toys and pornography.

Local shop keeper Huguette wants to put Léon’s prowess to profitable use but not before sampling some of it for herself.

This leads to an elaborate set piece, the type of which French porn would rapidly discard in view of financial restrictions, with our hero giving a lengthy discourse on the nature of spanking while surrounded by over a dozen nearly nude dancing girls in an otherwise empty theater auditorium, leading naturally enough to a five girls on one guy pile-up.

Varied sophisticated sexual scenarios are played out to viewer satisfaction, ranging from a scorching office threesome, to Léon’s being presented as a birthday present to the Colonel’s daughter Marcelle as a means by her strict Pater to nip her revolutionary interests in the bud.

Léon finally gets his comeuppance, of sorts, as one lovely lady turns the tables on him by putting him across her knee for a few well aimed smacks across the derrière. This way, Léon learns it’s as good to receive as it is to give!
(Note: this last video is F/M, so there is certainly something for everyone in “La Fessée”.)

With the spankgasmic collection that is “La Fessée”, I guess there shouldn’t be any question why I love it.

Edited synopsis taken from IMDB and provided by Dirty Movie Devotee.

Comparatively speaking

11 Nov

Of course I know what my butt looks like. I check it out in the mirror more often than I’ll admit; I take photos of it in all of its varying shades of before and after. But because I refuse to watch the videos of me being spanked, I have no idea how my bottom and its reactions differ from those I see in online clips.

So I’ve been sending D examples of bottoms in the line of duty, asking him, “Does it look like this?” The answer is always no: too round, too flat, too square, too skinny, too big. Why don’t I just watch our video and have my answer? I can’t do that. I can’t even listen to the audio from LOL day without extreme mortification and self-criticism.

And then, finally, there was this clip.

Bingo. While obviously not exact, he finally said it reminded him of me. (Maybe he’s just trying to shut me up.) I do see the similarities — the fullness, the quick color that blooms on her cheeks, the bounce and jiggle. It’s sexy how her bottom moves under his hand.

Perhaps I’m ready to watch our video now?

Video also found here, uploaded by crohamhurst.

Drum bum

29 Sep

Consider me thoroughly teased.

Ok…now can I have my spanking?

How about now?

Now would be good.

Candid Camera

26 Sep

Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!

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