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Results are in: To brat or not to brat?

15 Aug
I posed this deeply philosophical question on whether it was better to ask for a spanking or to earn one through bratting. I thank you to all who answered. Great participation!

As of today and out of 45 responses, survey says:

40% of you sexy respondents are tops

  • 22% of you say, “Ask away!”
  • 6% of you say, “Brat away!”
  • 72% of you say, “Mix it up!”

60% of you naughty respondents are bottoms

  • 30% of you prefer to ask for a spanking
  • 15% of you prefer to brat your way into a spanking
  • 55% of you prefer to mix it up
I guess, as in all things, variety is the spice of life, with an overwhelming number of you preferring to keep a healthy balance in your relationship.

Ever the persuasive guy, D made a compelling point: “When you ask, you get to choose your implement. When you brat, I get to choose your implement.”

Ummm…can I change my vote?

(Photo of Caroline Lannon, one of my recent obsessions, courtesy of Firmhand Spanking.)

To brat or not to brat?

7 Aug
You reappear in the living room with a hairbrush in your hand, catching his eye as he’s watching the news. You walk slowly to his side, biting your lower lip as you muster the courage to ask for what you need and want. You hand the brush to him and unsnap the top of your jeans and present yourself to him, like a gift.


You wear a tone of exasperation and roll your eyes at everything he says. You agree with him, but he doesn’t need to know that! When he misspeaks, you are sure to point it out, laughingly. You poke him in the ribs and stick out your tongue. Finally, you push too far and you find yourself sent to your room to await his arrival, nervousness and the promise of fulfillment fluttering in your belly.

Two tactics. Two ways of getting what you crave. One question: to brat or not to brat?

Is it better to ask for a spanking or earn one through bratting?

I’m a top; ask away!
I’m a top; brat away!
I’m a top; mix it up!
I’m a bottom; I prefer to ask.
I’m a bottom; I prefer to brat.
I’m a bottom; I mix it up.


(Drawing by Nikoralou.)

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