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Hot Air

24 Jul


Wow. That’s a big ass balloon.

When it’s Cherry Red

10 Jul

Why stop at Barely Pink when you can have Cherry Red?
See why life is better when it’s cherry red at The Cherry Red Report.
Big thanks to Dave, who defines “epic win”, for creating this comic.

Bridge for Sale

26 Jun

Ground Beef

12 Jun

You ever have one of those days?
You’re down. You’re stuck. You need help.
Someone comes along and you breathe a sigh of relief — finally, a helping hand.
And then…


An Easy Solution

29 May

Solution: you be my Prince Charming and I’ll be your insatiable whore.
Problem solved.

Drawing and wisdom found on Stuff No One Told Me.

Taking a Cue

22 May


Sometimes it’s great to be misunderstood.

Comic by Kirk Stiles.

Not What She Meant

15 May

Two Gifts

8 May


Enjoy the rewards of motherhood today, in whatever form they take.
I know the tag says “Happy Birthday!”, but just put your thumb over that portion and have yourselves a Happy Mother’s Day.


Two Whacks Later…

1 May

It seemed like a good idea: steel handle with reinforced silicone, nice thud factor. It was no doubt over-qualified for turning fish and pancakes.
The woman at the check-out aisle thought so, too, giving her palm a tentative smack with the turner.
“Sturdy,” she concluded. I blushed and agreed.
I placed it on his pillow after unloading the rest of the groceries, opened a beer and took a decadent shower while imagining the fun of the evening.
Three hours and two exuberant whacks later, we discovered that, in this case, looks are deceiving.

I still have the receipt and am contemplating returning the broken item.
“As you can see, this turner is not the highest quality. Instead of replacing it with another one, can I exchange it for a set of wooden spoons?”

Nobody Knows the Truffles I’ve Seen

24 Apr


Put the chocolate in the bag, and nobody gets hurt!


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