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Wet, White Tee

19 Jan

Anyone with eyes knows what happens to nipples in a wet, white tee. Anyone with tits knows exactly how to use a shirt like that to her advantage.
I “forgot” my bathing suit, again.
Don’t tell him, but I secretly enjoy the feeling of spontaneity, of roughing it with the shirt he provides. Of course he chooses white, out of the wide assortment of colorful, manly cotton in his possession.
A plain, white tee.

There’s a science to wetting it. You might be inclined to put your whole body in the hot tub, all at once, attempting to warm yourself from the short journey across the deck in the 18º air.
But wait.
You don’t just dunk, going from dry to wet immediately. No. You let the tee gradually absorb the water, the dampness crawling from ribcage to the undersides of your breasts.
It is the slowest, wettest strip tease. And you don’t even have to undress.
The fabric molds against your curves. You feel its heavy cling and you pretend not to notice his eyes lingering there. You pretend not to notice that your shirt is wet at all, instead sipping your drink nonchalantly and inching your toes up his thigh while maintaining normal conversation.
Dip your nipples in quickly, as if by accident. Let him see them. Let him see you notice his intent gaze. Just as quickly, submerge yourself to your shoulders, play a game of hide-and-seek.

How long do you think it will take him to pull you onto his lap so he can palm your tits, rolling your diamond nipples between thumb and forefinger? Two minutes?
I bet less. I bet in one minute you will find yourself straddling his thighs, cotton-clad breasts pressed just under his chin. If you are lucky, he’ll seek the taste of cotton, choosing to suckle your stiff peaks, pulling them between his teeth. If you’re very lucky, his free hand will knead your previously tenderized bottom, the heat from the tub blurring the distinction between pleasure and pain even more.
And if he’s very, very lucky, when the two of you emerge from the water, you will keep that wet, white tee on just long enough to appreciate all of its effects.