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Bum(per) Stickers

8 Mar
Ok. Get in the brat huddle.
Let’s see how many bumpers we can attack with these stickers.
One, two, three…go!





Brats: decorating the world, one bumper at a time.
ADDED: More brats have spoken. Three more stickers need to be distributed.
From Hedone, a subtle bumper sticker that would speak to many of us:

And from Zelle, a bit more obvious to any person with a rearview mirror:

And one from Dioneo:

I love you guys!

Spanking sells

23 Sep

More compelling than the usual presentation…


17 Sep
A kinky rag for $2.50 now goes for $4.00? I guess spanking erotica has a high inflation rate.

I guess the devil charges interest.

But why bring the horned man into it at all?

Smack that…bottle?

2 Aug

As if I needed further reason to blush while enthusiastically smacking the bottom of a stubborn ketchup bottle, Dressing for Pleasure, a fetish wear site, introduced these lovely stickers as a means to promote their gear. Place these stickers on condiment jars and invite “patrons to explore a completely different appetite while addressing their hunger”.

And no, dear Sirs, spanking the hell out of a ketchup bottle will not serve as a proper warm-up.

Successful advertising

16 Jul

I am suddenly in need of a Bavarian cream doughnut. And beer. While wearing Lederhosen. And dancing to Oompa music.

I’m spent. I know nothing else of Bavaria. Except that those shorts are a brilliant marketing ploy for doughnuts, beer, Lederhosen and traditional Oompa music.

Nicely done Bavaria.

When the wind blows…

13 Jul


I was playing the Google Image search game again when I happened across these two lovely examples of wind-sensitive advertising. No need to disclose the search words as it may reflect poorly on my character (as if you didn’t know I was raunchy!).

Perhaps these billboards didn’t persuade people to watch the show, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, or buy Bustop lingerie, but I’m sure it inspired itchy palms among many a spanko.

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