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Discipline her: a blog worth note

31 Oct
If you haven’t yet discovered the new blog, Discipline Her, Life as a college spankee, written by Tiffany Scarlet, you must check it out. Like now. Hurry.

Tiffany made a deeply moving video featuring the song “Cry, cry, cry” performed by Fiora Cutler, written and composed by Colin Farish.

I know that I should be glad
that even when I’m bad
you’re there,
in your chair,
for me to say “sorry”
and you can forgive me.
I confess
as I undress
to cry upon your knee.
I’m gonna cry, cry, cry.

-Colin Farish, performed by Fiora Cutler

Beautiful song. Beautiful video from a promising new blogger. Go pop over and welcome Tiffany to the blogosphere!

Oh yeah, and that is her on the video. Cute and talented, no?

Instead of commenting here, why don’t you go over there and show her some love?

Three hundred and twenty-eight

24 Oct

“Love Our Lurkers” day was a massive success. It felt a bit like trick-or-treating, welcoming guests into my “home” (although none were ghosts or goblins) as well as knocking on neighbors’ doors. I’m relieved, though, that I had other posts previously scheduled, as I was a bit burnt out on communication! (I have no idea how many blogs I visited or comments I left, but I think I got my communication in for the rest of the year.)

Three hundred and twenty-eight. That’s the total of spanks that your comments have earned me from LOL Day. Thank you!

Those spankings will come to me as soon as D & I get together next weekend. And there will be audio, if not pictures, of the event. (Yikes.)

Thanks to this day organized by Bonnie, I also discovered some new(ish) and very hot blogs which I’ve added to my blogroll. Please take a few moments to check them out, and if you enjoy what you see, support them with your comments:

Big thank you to all who participated! It was lovely hearing from new and old. I owe you (and so does D).

Housewarming to Michael and Season

19 Oct
Photo from Blossom and Thorn

With the upcoming “Love our Lurkers Day” on Thursday, October 21 (started by Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts), I have a confession.
There are several blogs where I lurk. One of those blogs that I silently follow is Devlin O’Neill’s. The camaraderie evident in the comments is remarkable.
Smart, entertaining, and usually spot-on, Devlin’s blog seems to function as much as a forum as it does a blog — with contributing “hijackers” writing a fair number of posts, it offers many different perspectives on TTWD. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I suggest you read it.
Two of the regular hijackers and proof that you can find love on the internet, Season and Michael, have started a new blog called Blossom and Thorn (it’s fairly evident who is the Blossom and who is the Thorn). Judging from the already high number of comments, I predict it won’t just be a success — it’ll be another forum-like setting where the like-minded can meet and brat and top and discuss ideas in depth. (I’ll probably lurk there, too!)
Go say hello to Michael and Season, as they start their new lives together, both in the blogosphere and in love everlasting.

Better than cough syrup…

5 Oct
This is my most favorite time of the year. I have an honest reason to cuddle up in sweaters and blankets, lounge with good reading material and sip spiced apple cider.
Every first week of October for the past 10 years has been more memorable for the unhappy coincidence of two events: I have been sick on my birthday.

Since I was the tender age of 24, I’ve spent my birthday with a runny nose and a muddled head (and one year I sprained my ankle while celebrating with said muddled head). That has been my birthday spanking. Yay, me.

Because the momentous anniversary of my birth is not yet upon us, I still hold out hope that I will be recovered. I am self-medicating with blogs and tea and lots of sleep-inducing drugs.

So, instead of astounding you with the visions from my delirious state, I’d like to point you in the direction of a few bloggers who have clearer perceptions of the world around them.

Raven Red and her South African school spanking tale.

Tenth Muse Top, and her beautiful story of Persephone.

If you haven’t yet checked out the red-bottomed girl, Celine, I urge you to do so. Her tale of promised muffins and a looming spanking is a great place to start.

Also, Cookie and Thomas are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Birchwood Academy Clips Store. Have a look at their out-takes video and wish them congratulations.

Go, give these blogs some love while I make myself some chicken noodle soup and dream of a healthy (and hearty) reunion with D.

Unconventional thank you: Eat your heart out, Emily Post

27 Sep
Thanks to the help of my fellow bloggers, last week was the biggest week at The Pink Report since I started pounding away at the keyboard in March.

I am dreadful at thank you notes. (I write them but they are never sent.) So instead, I will thank each of the generous bloggers who contributed to my banner week with a photo — a small measure of my gratitude.

Emily Post, eat your heart out.

To Chross for his most recent link to “History of a Spanko”, I give this (ass with class):

To Consensual Spanking, for Red’s kind words and endorsement of my blog, I bequeath:

To The Spanking Spot, for linking to “Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things”, I hope he enjoys this (she is crying, after all):

To Woody’s Back to School for calling me witty and charming (a man of impeccable taste), I give:

To Poppy of Poppy’s Submissions, for posting links to my blog on Spanking Scouts, I give chocolate because she is a very good girl and all good girls deserve a treat:

If I have forgotten anyone, please do message me so I can flood your inbox with personal pictures of…my neighbor. Someone really should tell her to close her curtains.

Joking aside, it is spectacularly fulfilling to be heard and appreciated. And I thank you from the bottomest of my bottom (and my heart, too).


Miss Pink

My Arnica

10 Aug
No matter how frenetic my day is, I always have time to check out the naughty undertakings of my fellow bloggers. They are the equivalent of Arnica on a well-spanked behind — sweet relief.

As I am currently too busy to construct an insightful post of my own, I felt the need to share a few notable tales from my growing blog roll.

I’m off to do whatever it is I do when I’m not perving about. Yeah, I have no idea what that is either.

Recommended reading

31 Jul

I’m away for the weekend again. This time D and I decided on a more hoighty-toighty trip to wine country and a Bed & Breakfast, as opposed to last week’s NASCAR camping adventure. I’m sure I’ll have much to share upon my return on the challenges of keeping quiet while in someone else’s home. B & B’s are strange and lovely that way — we really will be guests in a stranger’s abode.

While I’m away, take a few moments to check out these hot bloggers. They are my go-to destination for inspiration.

  • The Pleasure Principle – She truly is a hedonistic, smart chick with many sensual tales.
  • Ecce Spanking – A new blog, but one to watch. His entries read like poetry.
  • Mischief Managed – A well-written, thought-provoking blog by one of my favorite spankos. She also recently posted Vol. 2 of her tale with D & I.
  • Think Pink – A light-hearted view of the spanking fetish. Her posts are fun and frequent.
  • Awesomeness and the good girl – They’re cool. They’re committed. They’re…awesome.
  • Chross Blog – I always enjoy his regular posts as well as his links to the best spankings of the week.

This is by no means a complete list. Check out my blog roll for more hot entries from some of the most talented & hardworking bloggers around the net.

Until Monday, then. Enjoy your weekend!

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