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Well, Obviously…

16 Jun

Speaking of obvious, shall we put warning labels on spatulas and leather belts?
Will cause pain when applied to buttocks. Do not use while sleeping.
Yeah, spanking hurts. Sometimes it feels like he’s trying to spank this kink right out of me. He hasn’t yet.
He can keep trying, though.

I’m a big baby. Pain doesn’t turn me on. There’s a part of me that really hates — loathes, despises, insert passionate word here — spanking. He reaches for the wooden paddle and I groan. I mean that groan. I mean it with every fiber.
If there were a bonfire of the paddles, I’d be the first to throw my bra on top of the heap.
Spanking hurts.

But submission…oh, submission is glorious. Even among the most unsubmissive of us spankos (and I hate to speak for others), there must be something in laying yourself across the dangerous cliff of a set of knees, knowing that you might teeter but never topple.
As much as I dislike condescendingly obvious warning labels, here’s one that should be sewn onto every Top’s knees: Buckle up.

Taking a Cue

22 May


Sometimes it’s great to be misunderstood.

Comic by Kirk Stiles.


9 May
I’m sore. Jeans were a bad choice today.
Although I am now alone in the house, I close the bathroom door behind me. With a snap of a button and a push of a zipper, I release the heat confined within my pants and regard the mirror behind me.
I attentively lift the right cheek and then the left. The evidence is there. My bottom looks like an unfinished Easter egg — the lower portion dipped in pink with the upper remaining shell white. I’m not looking at my face, but feel my lips betray satisfaction.
The soft pajama pants are still on the towel rack from when he ordered them “off!”, in that way of his. I consider the relief of the soft cotton against my spanked cheeks, consider trading my unforgiving denim for it.
I’ll stick with jeans, feeling chaffed and hot for the remainder of the day.
Then I do something I cannot understand: with my chin tucked against my shoulder, my eyes on the mirror, my hand descends in rapid smacks. Swat, swat, swat…and swat, while watching my pink cheeks react. I giggle at their rehearsal and imagine him in the clapping audience.
Wincing my way back into my jeans, I give myself one last contented pat, sore but smiling.

Two Gifts

8 May


Enjoy the rewards of motherhood today, in whatever form they take.
I know the tag says “Happy Birthday!”, but just put your thumb over that portion and have yourselves a Happy Mother’s Day.


Tax Season

10 Apr

This is what happens when you claim depreciation on your ASSets.
Comic by Dan Rivera, found on Chicago Spanking Review.

Mistaken Identity

3 Apr

I’m sure I’m not his secretary but I probably AM late getting back from lunch.
Spank away, Sir.
Cartoon by Dan DeCarlo, found on The Chicago Spanking Review.
D & I are on vacation this week with limited online access. Posts have been scheduled. He’ll spank me for being late in responding to comments.


29 Mar

These are the moments when I stop breathing. It’s ridiculous to think that you can hear my hitched breaths, particularly with the smacks and cries flooding your back yard, but fear of discovery makes me as wooden as the fence I’m pressed against.
I watch your legs kick — although the left seems to be more the runner of the two, with its enthusiastic jolts and scissoring.
He is efficient and fearsome in his concentration. Amid your wild arm movements and open-mouthed grimaces, he stays on task, coloring your bottom evenly, pausing to pin one wayward arm against your back. You have far more spunk now than I’ve ever seen at the Neighborhood Association meetings.
My friend, what have you done to deserve this outdoor treatment?
And is there a good deed I can do to receive the same?

Smacking Good Time

13 Mar

Remember when spanking could be used to attract tourists?
No? Me either.

Some Girls…

6 Mar

She borrows her roommate’s boyfriends AND gets a spanking?
Some girls have all of the fun.

Nice to Meet You

27 Feb

If not, it’s a heck of an introduction…

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