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Paid in full

1 Nov

I’m inviting you into D’s and my bedroom; I imagine you hiding in the closet with our knowledge, our inner exhibitionist natures complementing your secret voyeur within.
You cannot see us. We cannot see you. But this is for you, the readers of The Pink Report, as a result of LOL Day.


The first part is pure fun. D delivers nearly 300 firm, yet playful, spanks to my pantied and then bared bottom as I read each commenter’s name.
I can’t seem to upload the audio from my old blog. But you can find it here.

Now things turn a little more serious while addressing the number of comments I left on the LOL Day post — D introduces the strap. I love leather, but this thick, thuddy implement makes its bruising impact after only a few strokes, much less 32. It was for this reason that D restrained my hands and legs during this portion of the spanking.
As you’re listening to this recording, please keep in mind that D and I always have a safeword in place in case things get to be too much. At no time did I want to end this strapping, even though my voice grows plaintive pretty early on. (I have a difficult time listening to this portion of the spanking simply because it sounds as if I’m not enjoying it — I assure you, I was.)

Near the end of the clip, you will hear a ‘swish’ of the cane as D reappears in the bedroom. It was time to pay my debt for another infraction, off the record. But that’s for another post entirely.
I can’t seem to upload the audio from my old blog. But you can find it here.

I am suddenly shy now.

Thank you, once again, for the tremendous response to LOL Day. When I began this blog, I had no idea how important you readers would become to me. In just seven months, The Pink Report has seen over 100,000 visitors, attained 121 followers, and has taken on a life of its own.

You, my readers, are what keeps this blog alive. Thank you.

All photos found at Doonstar, original sources unknown.

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