Flashback Friday: I got stripes

20 May
Borrowing from American Spanking Society’s idea of Flashback Fridays, I will repost an entry from approximately one year prior. Hope you enjoy the trip down Memory Lane as much as I do!

It’s inexplicable, this recent addiction to Johnny Cash. I’ve always been a fan and I have a vinyl collection to prove it; but lately, I find Cash songs stuck in my head on an almost daily basis. The one that I’ve been humming since Friday night? “I’ve got stripes”:

On a monday I was ar-rested (uh huh)
on a Tuesday they locked me in the jail (oh boy)
on a Wednesday my trial was at-tested
on a Thursday they said guilty & the judge’s gavel fell
I got stripes – stripes around my shoulders
I got chains – chains around my feet
I got stripes – stripes around my shoulders
and them chains – them chains they’re about to drag me down

Except for me: I got stripes, stripes upon my sit spots/I got stripes, stripes upon my cheeks. I just hope I don’t sing it out loud.
The implement? Another crop: evil, inflexible, and cane-like, it was dressed in an innocuous, cheery pink nylon from Fleck. The reaction? Air hissing through my teeth, knees buckling after each stroke, it made an impact.
For a spanko, it’s difficult to find an actual physical punishment. But this was another job well done! (Please don’t mistake that as encouragement for a repeat session!)

6 Responses to “Flashback Friday: I got stripes”

  1. paolo in dublin May 21, 2011 at 2:29 am #

    As people can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this.

  2. dd May 21, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    As a rider, when growing up, I’ve had them for years but almost never used them, just part of the kit for shows and things. Imagine BBH’s joy discovering them when my mother’s attic was cleared out. Now I know why I didn’t use them on the horse!

    • Barely Pink May 22, 2011 at 11:32 am #

      They sure get me moving!

      Funny that I’d advocate their use on me, but I don’t think I could bring myself to crop a horse. (I don’t ride, though. Never been on a horse.)

  3. dd May 22, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    Hmm, really not sure if I should post this, remember it relates to horses! Comments in brackets are mine.

    Horse riding whips and crops are designed for a variety of purposes, including show jumping, dressage, cross-country, hacking, schooling and polo. Here are some guidelines for choosing a perfect fit.
    You Will Need

    * Horse
    * Crop
    * Dressage whip
    * Lunge whip
    * Jockey whip

    How to Buy a Horse Riding Crop:

    Step 1: Purchase a crop (umm, yes)
    Purchase a riding crop — a regular size whip, for equitation or jumping. Consider one without a strap to prevent injury to yourself. (sensible idea)

    Riding crops and longer whips are used to correct faults in a horse’s posture, movement, or understanding of a command. They are never used on a horse with excessive force. (of course not, no injury to anyone, obvious)

    Step 2: Purchase a dressage whip (why?)
    Select a dressage whip if you will be riding in dressage competitions. This whip is longer than a crop. (and ouchier, I suspect)

    Step 3: Purchase a lunge whip
    Select a lunge whip if you want a whip that can be cracked in the air to draw the horse’s attention. This long whip is used on the ground and never comes in contact with the horse. (sorry, don’t believe that!)

    Step 4: Purchase a jockey’s whip
    Select a jockey’s whip if you will be racing your horse. This whip is wider at the end than other whips, and makes a lot of noise when it comes in contact with the horse. Like other whips, however, it does not hurt the horse. (of course not, that’s why the horses run faster)

    Riding crops and other riding whips are made of a flexible material such as fiberglass and coated with leather. (and of course they don’t hurt anything they’re used on?!)

    • Barely Pink May 23, 2011 at 12:04 am #

      Wow…I had no idea! Of course, notice that in the list of purposes, nary a word is written about using them to correct impish behavior. I suggest you add a chapter. 🙂

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